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Hoodsport, WA

Expedition Research LLC, makers of the original bushcraft grill, Tac-Bar and other survival gear.

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Expedition kettle

Perfectly sized for your next adventure. This highly engineered kettle is the new benchmark in expedition water boiling gear for 2018. 

  • Hard Anodized Aluminum Construction - BPA Free.

  • New Deep Dish 90-Degree Pour, Stay-On Lid. One Hand Pour Operation.

  • New Silicone Coated "Stand-Up" & "Lock-Down" Handle. Boil Water in the "Stand-Up" Position for Safety and "Lock-Down" for Storage.

  • New "Micro-Pour" Precision Spout.

  • Free Carry Bag Included.



Expedition Solid Fuel Hexamine XL Tablets. For Camping Stoves and Fire Starting.

  • Ultra-High Energy Density

  • Submersible Plastic Tray

  • Non-Toxic and Smokeless

  • 100 Year Shelf Life

Tactical and ruggedized dry bags

Not your typical outdoor shop dry bag. Ruggedized to tactical specifications. You can count on this bag for 100% waterproof and submersible reliability. 

  • Locking buckle

  • Ruggedized material

  • Emergency fire starter

Bushcraft Grills

Responding to feedback from survivalists and bushcraft professionals, this grill is incredibly strong and perfectly sized.

  • 304 Stainless Steel

  • Unprecedented steel thickness

  • Edge to edge welding by hand in the Washington state.

  • FREE black nylon carry bag


TAC-BAR & tac-h2O aquatabs

The worlds most complete ready to eat food ration. Packed with vitamins and minerals in addition to natural honey and whey protein.  

  • Packed in an ammo can

  • Survival kit included

  • Five days of food

  • 10 Aquatabs


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